Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plumber Kids

Kids are taught several skills while living in Miracle Garden. These are skills that they can use to gain employment at good wages. One of these skills is plumbing. From basic to advanced level of skills are being acquired by our kids. At Miracle garden we have so many plumbing situations every week. This gave us the opportunity to get kids to watch and apprentice under qualified plumbers. Now some of them are able to perform some complicated plumbing jobs on their own.
In the collage above, you will see Paul and Anis, on their own, dig the trench to place new pipes which replaced the old ones. In this project they themselves did all the measurements, went to to the hardware store bought the right amount of piping etc. This job was done without any professional plumber employed, and it was a major job. It also saved us close to $100.
In India plumbers are in high demand and most of them become plumbers through apprenticeship. There is no need to be licensed.
We would like to buy a complete set of  plumbing tools to continue making these kids more proficient and help in their training. Remember this is only an informal training program, the kids still attend school. But having employable skills is also essential. If interested in helping in this area, please contact us.